• pppI was starting read bible in schoolboy. I was very interesting in history and social actives. I was reading complete bible then I read again. I was reading again and again I was complete read bible six times then I felt some power. I did not know about the holly power. Some months ago I was seen evil spirit and see many times evil spirit. I did not have knowledge about evil spirit. I was seen Evil spirit wondering many homes. old building and places. Some time I talked to evil spirit. Especially when I went to any old place, Old building. I was meeting evil spirit. She tried to talk with me. tell me her name and tell me her history. Sometime evil spirit followed me I was a try to sleep. They appeared and talked with me I read bible and prayed. That time evil spirits gone.
  • I want to tell you more of Evil Spirit Methods are used they caught men , I tell you working method of evil spirit and style of thinking but usually they wander everywhere . They rise up in night but some time they rise up in daytime at noon . Sometime evil spirit is captures men and disturb whole life . I have mush experience of evil spirit  I will share you Next time’s . This experience period is ten years . I read bible many times and prayed regular. I was liked magic and believed. I disliked pastors. I did not like baptism This experience period is ten years . I read bible many times and prayed regular
  • one day I Was felt someone in my mind . Someone called me and told me to take baptism but I ignored . He calls me again and again . I ignore  six months  . One day I met a pastor and told the whole testimony . Pastor prayed for me . he prayed for many days.  we went on canals gives me baptize . In this time , I was feeling some black thing breaks in my body and in that time my body and spirit felt happy I prayed regular and read bible.
  • After two years I was met another pastor .he told me. you must join the seminary So I joined a seminary and took lots of knowledge and Holy Spirit. Now I see many evil spirits they see me and run way . I preach the gospel in backward area.Divine soul is spiritual struggle .we are only human . Jesus Christ is select  us and bless us for great mission .



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